Пречиствателни станции за битови и промишлени отпадни води БИОСИСТЕМ-23 ООД ПРЕЧИСТВАТЕЛНИ СТАНЦИИ  
	                        ИНДУСТРИАЛНИ МОНТАЖИ

The Biosystem-23 ’ s activity  in the industry  is concentrated in two main directions:

Design and construction of water treatment plants for industrial wastewater and primary water treatment and water recovery in:

- Textile industry
- Food-industry (dairy processing plants, production of alcoholic and soft drinks,  meat production , canning factories etc.)
- Wastewater treatment plants for slaughterhouses
- Rolling mill and metallurgie
- Paper mills
- Industrial washing machines, etc.


Nowadays the environment becomes a top priority for that increase the number of companies and organizations that  look for the quality of wastewater discharged.  Our solutions are conformable to the specific needs of each client. Treatment plants are fully automated, the entire process is managed and controlled by PLC, which enables control and management from distance.


 •Industrial installations - assembly and disassembly of machinery, welding, fabrication of components made of stainless steel and others.
We strive to give our customers the most effective and complete  solution, to shorten the maximum time for delivery and installation by ensuring high quality of our services.




In the last year Biosystem - 23 Ltd has successfully constructed several wastewater treatment plants in dairies in Bulgaria, the projects are financed by Measure 123 for Rural Development.